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Happy New Year my friend!

Or is it? How many more times are you going to feel like this after Christmas and New Year?

You know what I mean.

Sluggish, no energy, tired looking, and constantly beating yourself up for all the junk food you've been eating....not to mention the booze.

While you're eating away at the food, that voice is eating away at your mind. Giving yourself a serious guilt trip because you've not been looking after yourself properly....and you've let your standards slip for too long.

Here's the good news: the fact that you're even on this page right now shows you're primed for change - and you're in the right place to start.

Here's the bad news: around half of people in the US quit their fitness resolutions before February, and 3/4 of the people fail to hit their overall targets.

As someone who has been involved in weight training for 22 years, and has successfully coached men and women all over the world to smash their fitness goals, I put fitness failures down to 3 main reasons.

#1 Ineffective/overcomplicated workout programmes - which deliver poor results at a slow rate. Then you ultimately get fed up and quit.

#2 Strict and unrealistic nutrition plans - I'm talking about fad diets, boring bland meals, strict calorie restrictions, sky high amounts of protein....ways of eating cannot be maintained long-term. Then you ultimately get fed-up and quit.

#3 No accountability - this may well be the most important factor of all. With no system, training partner or coach to hold you accountable, most people take shortcuts, make excuses, and lose their discipline. Guess what? They ultimately get fed up and quit.

But how much more time do you really want to spend jumping from one failed fitness programme to the next?

How many more fad diets, or fancy food plans, are you going to get enthusiastic about…only to feel deflated yet again when they don’t work?

  • * Give me less than 15 mins each week, and I'll teach you how to take your gym workouts to a whole new level.

  • * Give me 10 weeks of dedication, and I'll save you years of fitness frustration.

  • * You'll learn the underlying truth about why people lose weight and get in good shape...and then pile it all back on again.

  • * If you've failed over and over in the past, then this is your perfect chance to finally smash your fitness goals.

  • * Think that the programme or exercises might be too difficult? Wrong! Men and women of all ages, shapes and abilities have found success following my's all about constant progress at your own level.

  • * Enjoy a refreshing new approach to diet and nutrition (one that you can actually maintain in the long run).

  • * Forget calorie counting, or obsessing over grams of protein, carbs or fats (there's a much easier way!)

  • * Learn why when you eat is just as important as what you eat, and discover how you can optimise your meal timing for incredible results.

  • * Discover the 5 critical components to every successful workout programme (miss any of these out and you'll struggle to achieve your fitness goals).

  • * This is the single most comprehensive fitness coaching programme around...also encompassing the development of your mindset, self-image and building a solid psychological foundation to see lasting changes.

Personal training sessions can be very beneficial, particularly for complete beginners…but wouldn’t you like to take full charge of your gym workouts and get amazing results on your own?

Thought so!

Let’s do a quick calculation…

* The average cost for a 1-hour personal trainer session is £30 in the UK / $35 in the US (although this can vary depending on location, and be much higher sometimes).

* The average number of gym sessions per week you’d need to achieve desirable results is 3.

* And for the best chance of actually hitting your fitness goals and getting in great shape you’d have to follow a full programme…which is typically anywhere from 10-16 weeks.

In total, this could easily cost you £900-£1,440 / $1,050-$1,680…or more!

What If You Had The Key Expert Advice At Your Fingertips?

And what if you could take full charge of your own fitness? Like being your own PT? 😉

A couple of years ago, a young guy and an old friend approached me around the same time, asking if I’d be their gym PT. 

“Are you still doing personal training?”, asked Gerard McKay.

“Can I sign up to your weights training programme?”, asked Jenny Foulds.

I could easily have signed them both up to my programme – 3 weight training sessions per week x 10 weeks – and did one-to-one sessions watching over them in the gym.

But I didn’t for three main reasons…

#1 My clients made progress so quickly that they soon didn’t need me.

#2 They would’ve enjoyed the programme so much more when they had the knowledge and tools to take charge of their own fitness journey.

#3 I wanted to empower them to be able to go solo for years to come (long after I’d gone).

So I set up a special arrangement instead.

“I’ll lay out my full 10-week training programme for you online,” I told them. “I'll lay out your training plans and advice on workouts and nutrition.

“But it’s up to you to show up to the gym and take action. I’ll set out everything for you, step-by-step, but you just have to do the work.”

They both agreed. They both completed the programme.

Here Are The Results After 10 Weeks...

But Who Am I....And Why Should You Listen To Me?

I’m Marc McLean, a 37-year-old fitness coach, author, and founder of Weight Training Is The Way.

I have more than 20 years’ worth of experience in weight training, and I’m also a fitness expert writer for leading websites Mind Body Green, and the Good Men Project (which have a combined monthly audience of 15 million+) !

I’ve helped positively change the lives of people all over the world through my ‘Strength Training 101’ book series and, as you can clearly see from the testimonials above, what I teach WORKS.

I realise some people want a coach to guide them through every step of the journey…to keep them motivated…and maybe shout at them to ensure they’re not slacking.

But if you’re relying too heavily on someone else to achieve your personal fitness goals, what are you going to do in the long run?

Are you going to pay thousands just to stay motivated and on track?

Are you going to continue limiting yourself and what you’re really capable of on your own?

Johnny Lost 26lbs In 10 Weeks...

Johnny had always struggled big time with his diet, and was 8 weeks into another coaching programme when he contacted me.


“I’ve been exercising 5 days per week – even at weekends sometimes – and I’ve barely lost 1 pound,” Johnny told me.

He’d been told to basically “eat protein, protein, protein” and count how many grams of carbs, protein and fat he was having at each meal.

With my simplified approach to nutrition, and three highly-effective workouts per week, he well exceeded his weight loss target.

"Life-Changing" Transformations

My fitness programme essentially brings to life what I teach in my ‘Strength Training 101’ book series – which has now sold more than 10,000 copies all over the world.

I regularly get emails and 5 star reviews on Amazon from people who say that my unique approach to training and nutrition has helped them achieve amazing transformations.

These are just from people following the words in my books and taking action.

Imagine what it would be like if I also set everything out in a clear, step-by-step guide for a full 10-week programme?

Picture The Amazing Results You Could Achieve With A Clear Roadmap For Success and Me Supporting You Online…

I want you to develop that leaner, stronger body you want – and actually enjoy your fitness journey along the way.

I want you to learn my better (and easier) way to achieving your fitness goals, instead of struggling through your workouts and having a constant willpower battle with your diet.

Best of all, I want you to become a stronger, more confident version of yourself too – which is inevitable because this programme is specifically aimed at strengthening the mindset as you strengthen the body.

  • * If you’re scared of stepping foot inside a gym incase you look stupid (like I did years ago too), then this programme is exactly what you need to build much-needed confidence and strength.

  • * Commit to just 3 weight training gym sessions per week, and I’ll commit to being your mentor for 10 weeks straight.

* Worried that any of this is complicated and you won’t be able to keep up? Wrong! I’ve refined my programme so many times that it’s simple to understand and implement.

  • * Remove all the struggles when it comes to your diet…instead implementing a sensible, manageable nutrition plan you can stick with.

  • * Give me your word that you’re ready to take action in the gym, and I’ll give you my full backing, helping you each step of the way.

  • * Think that I’m a big, bad scammer who wants to sell you a dud programme? Wrong! I get a huge buzz from helping people like you all over the world, and I desperately want you to succeed as much as you do (well, nearly).

Here's How Be Your Own PT Works...

* The Be Your Own PT programme is delivered via a website, in an online school format, just like this....

You get access to a video lesson for each week of your gym programme. Each video lays out your training plans for the week ahead, simplified nutritional advice, accountability tactics to keep you on track, everything you need step-by-step.

Each video is only between 5-15 mins long....straightforward and boring school lessons here!

You'll also receive the Be Your Own PT digital gym training diary that perfectly lays out all your workouts.

Simply save this to your mobile phone...and follow along in the gym.

While it’s up to you to take action in the gym, I’ll still be your online mentor throughout the 10-week programme providing ongoing advice on all things training, nutrition, supplements, recovery…and guidance whenever you hit a stumbling block.

You can post a comment or question underneath the video lessons - or email me directly. It's up to you!

Also inside the programme....

* Download the Mindset & Self-Image Mastery MP3 recording

- This guided meditation recording is tailored specifically to helping you develop your self-image and shift limiting self-beliefs that are blocking you from achieving your fitness goals.

* Download my Supplements Guide 

- This PDF includes the trusted supplements I use and recommend to help maximise your workout results. This will help you avoid wasting money on useless products that get you nowhere.

Take The Faster Route To More Muscle & Less Fat...

If you want to finally see noticeable changes in your body shape, see your strength go through the roof, and achieve what you never thought you were capable of in the gym, then get signed up today to Be Your Own PT.

Remember the sums we did earlier for the average costs of 10-week PT coaching?

£1,440 in the UK / $1,680 in the US…the Be Your Own PT programme is only a fraction of this cost.

Not only will you save a ton of money, you’ll save a ton of time too. I’ve crammed 20 years’ worth of health and fitness knowledge and expertise into this course, which will prevent you from wasting months or years on ineffective training and diet plans.

Choose one of the options below to sign up for the full programme.

Marc's Cast Iron 100% Money Back Guarantee

Sign up to Be Your Own PT, watch the first few video lessons, and get a feel for what my programme is all about.

I’m pretty confident you’ll love it…but if it’s not for you, then just email me within 30 days and I’ll give you all your money back.

I’m taking a risk by doing this because you can go through all the videos, and download all the valuable tools that I’ve spent many months creating.

You could ask for a refund and rip me off....but I’m going to trust you’re not going to do that.

And you can definitely trust me too! You’ll have my 100% backing throughout the Be Your Own PT programme as you steadily progress towards your fitness goals.

Marc McLean - Be Your Own PT creator

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